Farm Fresh Carbon Credits

Reseed is a full service carbon solution provider. We bring carbon credits directly from farmers to the market. ReSeed fights climate change at scale by financing and incentivizing farmers to steward carbon through regenerative farming practices.

What we do

ReSeed partners with farmers around the world to fight climate change and reverse poverty by:

Farmers Benefit

Increased income, improved livelihoods

There are over 2 billion smallholder farmers globally, most live at or below the poverty level. ReSeed’s comprehensive partnership approach creates a new annual revenue stream based on ecosystem services and increasing crop-based revenue through regenerative agricultural technical support services.

Buyers Benefit

Companies and individuals need to reduce their carbon footprints. Carbon credits they can trust are part of the solution.

ReSeed provides auditable carbon credits and certification of co-benefits that can be applied to carbon offset programs, as well as corporate ESG reporting and marketing. ReSeed’s insetting certifications can be used to purchase carbon and co-benefits data from farmers in the supply chain.

ReSeed helps individuals calculate the carbon footprint of their household, as well as their backyard. After doing all they can to reduce their footprint, consumers can buy carbon from smallholder farmers to become carbon neutral. This provides a substantive way to help fight climate change by supporting smallholder farmers.

How does Reseed work?

ReSeed's social impact carbon credits are built on a performance-based methodology built for trust, scale and performance.

We start with the idea that farmers already provide valuable ecosystem services and deserve to be paid for them. ReSeed measures and verifies the amount of carbon farmers stored and removed last year.
Farmers enter data through a mobile app which is then fed into ReSeed's AI engine that incorporates their data with a vast array of other data to produce highly accurate measurements.
ReSeed creates carbon credit certificates which are sold through marketplaces to businesses and consumers, bundled with lots of socio-economic and ecosystem co-benefits.

Farmers get paid immediately in their preferred currency.

When you buy credits from ReSeed, you're creating tangible positive impacts

Strengthens local communities

Reverses climate change

Increases global food security

Increases biodiversity and ecosystem health

Supports local business ownership and revenue

We Impact Community & The Global Environment

Strengthens local communities

Reverses climate change

Increased global food security

Increases biodiversity and ecosystem health

Stabilises local business ownership and revenue

Our Projects

We work with farmers around the world.

Our first cohort of 8,723
small farm partners  manage over two million metric tons of carbon stock.

They grow over 140 different crops. As ReSeed sells their carbon credits, we are drastically increasing their annual income.

That is real impact.

Sandra Braga

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Our technology

An impact data platform built for scale, auditability and trust.

We’ve built a new and innovative way to bring to market the carbon stored in vegetation and soil that is managed and protected by billions of small farmers around the world. Unprecedented data transparency allows our customers to track the sourcing of their credits back to the specific farm and community where they were last year. 

Are you ready to learn how your company can benefit from buying social impact carbon credits?