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How do we do it?

ReSeed has created an innovative technology platform and business model that incentivizes climate smart agriculture, increases household incomes of smallholder farmers and provides ecosystem credits and socio-economic impact certifications to its customers. Scroll down to learn more.


We understand the needs of smallholder farmers

Most smallholder farmers have worked their land for generations, provide invaluable ecosystem services and are essential for global food security. They do not have access to the financial, technical and technological support they need to thrive.


We measure and verify the carbon stored in vegetation and soil
on farms

Smallholder farms tend to have a greater variety of vegetation and healthier soils that have been cultivated for generations. ReSeed's protocols are unique in recognizing both current carbon stored on the land and net new carbon drawn down from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.

Our data starts on the farm

Farmers enter data through our mobile app

Farmers collect data describing the vegetation on their land (including crops), their current farming practices and answer survey questions about themselves that form the basis for tracking impact.

ReSeed partners with local agricultural support organizations to help in this process as needed.

We harness emerging technologies

Thousands of data points in a community are fed into an AI engine developed by ReSeed

All farmer data is then verified by our AI engine that utilizes as massive collection of the latest data from satellites, government agencies and other trusted sources.

Carbon measurements/credits are generated for each farm.

ReSeed sells farm-based carbon credits to customers around the world

Our social impact carbon credits
are sold in marketplaces around
the world.

Farmers get paid in their preferred
currency when credits are sold

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