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Talía Bonfante

Carbon Sourcing & Credit Markets

Talía Bonfante is a biologist and began her career as an auditor for AFOLU carbon projects in the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon. She led the elaboration and public consultation on socio-environmental safeguards for REDD+ projects in Brazil.

Over the last 10 years, she has been successfully designing and implementing strategies for companies committed to achieving net zero emissions, along their supply chain of ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity produced by extractive communities and smallholder farmers.

Throughout her career, she has facilitated the ethical trade between companies and community businesses, focusing on scaling the sociobiodiversity agenda based on adopting sustainable business strategies, processes and governance, regenerative supply chains, bio-economy business models, and local development. Apart from this, she has been collaborating in the design of new inclusive financing models for bioeconomy.

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